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We are the volunteers, the innovators, the visionaries, the healers and the missionaries. We contribute, we enrich, we nurture, we cultivate, we empower to the welfare of humanity.

We are the Humanitarians

As a humanitarian-based non-profit organization, We Care For Humanity seeks to promote the development of international relations between nations by contributing to humanity though education, health, entertainment, language, arts and culture. Our formidable leadership maintains an operation and management that is genuinely democratic, entrepreneurial, cost-effective and always humanitarian.

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Minority Development Of India

To encourage minorities in the education sector, provide minority status to educational institutions established and operated by governments

We practice and implement plans and programs that are highly beneficial to our target market, who are the disadvantaged and underserved women, children, youth and senior citizens, alike. While we value and partner with cause-oriented individuals, business leaders, foundation heads, entrepreneurial titans, academic gurus, and entertainment moguls, we never underestimate that volunteerism is the backbone of any non-profit organization. Thus with our continued quest for highly empowered membership and dynamic volunteers, we expect to continue to grow and be able to serve people and care for humanity.

In the Constitution of India, the country has been declared as a secular, socialist and democratic Republic of the country. Where the Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion in the country’s citizens, the religious minority also provides the right to conserve and promote its religion, language and culture. It also gives them the right to establish and manage their preferred educational institutions. In view of the socio-economic background of the minority communities, the government has been implementing various schemes to solve their specific problems and to bring them through educational, social and economic development to the mainstream of the nation and society. . Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, jainis and Parsi communities Purpose of our organisation is to curb the trend of drop out in the minorities, spread of education by distributing books, stationeries, voluteer helps at studies, computers, .

Modernization of madrassas / maktabs and their reading, reading of mathematics, science, English and Hindi together, so that they could actively engage with every section of the minority civil welfare state (Welfare State) educated. Effectively implement commercial education computer education in madarsas so that children of minority communities, educated from these traditional educational institutions, can join the mainstream of the nation. Construction of hostels in Girls’ Higher Secondary School for improving the level of education of girls in educationally backward minority dominated areas. Developing Waqf properties by increasing their income so that Waqf can make effective contributions in the form of philanthropic (social, religious, cultural) institutions as per the wishes.

Increasing access to the minorities of different health related schemes being run by the State Government related to the mother / infant and the elderly. To check on effectively implementation of the schemes being implemented for the improvement of the status of personal / semi-governmental and service planning of minorities by the government sectors.

Core Values

As an organization, We Care for Humanity beliefs are anchored in the following Core Values:


knowing that as individuals, selflessness and serving others is the ultimate sacrifice and achievement one can ever have in life.


knowing well and understanding our own skills, knowledge and abilities are the keys to serving and caring for others effectively.


generosity in understanding the shortcomings or inadequacies of individuals, and being able to see the positive traits of WCH membership.


friendship is always a good foundation for any strong organization which through the years is honed to achieve its vision, mission and objectives.

Noble causes

for our organization is anchored in the highest ideals of serving humanity and the noble causes of serving the women, children, and the youth.


the organization’s continued quest for a leadership and membership Imbued with honesty and strong moral principles and uprightness.

"Every morning we are BORN again, what we do TODAY, is what MATTERS most" -Budha

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